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Fox Business

January 6, 2021

Big Tech Under Pressure Following Georgia Run-Off Election – On January 6, 2021, Mayflower Advisors’ Managing Partner Larry Glazer joined Fox Business’ “Word on Wall Street” to discuss Georgia’s Senate run-off and its potential impact on big tech and broader market activity. Glazer notes that the elections of Jon Ossoff (D) and Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) facilitate President-elect Joseph Biden’s ability to implement his economic agenda: “The bottom line is that a Democratic-controlled Washington is bad news for big technology companies…, but …there’s plenty of opportunity.” Glazer continues, “You need to change your portfolio in 2021: The last couple of years that meant more big tech brought out-performance. Now, it means less big tech, more of everything else. That’s how you’re going to make money in 2021.”

Fox Business

December 10, 2020

Airbnb I.P.O. Caps Record-Setting Year – On December 10, 2020, Larry Glazer joined Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto to discuss Airbnb, Inc.’s Nasdaq debut and the driving forces behind this year’s I.P.O. frenzy. Glazer comments, “There’s no doubt that the private markets are playing a more important role today in the financial markets than ever before ... and that’s why today’s deals become so important because the scope of these deals is so massive. This is going to be the biggest I.P.O. year—certainly since 2014, but in many ways much more significant: It’s really a reflection of everything we have been through this year.”


December 7, 2020

Breakaway RIA Moves to Pershing – “‘There’s different flavors of independence in the industry,’ Lawrence Glazer told ThinkAdvisor in a recent interview. What Mayflower now has is ‘true independence from top to bottom in terms of all the decisions you make every day—not only as a business owner, but in terms of technology and all the tools, how you staff, how you service clients,’ he explained … The move to Pershing ‘gives us the freedom to invest directly in the areas that most benefit our clients at a time when the industry is really doing the opposite and is cutting back’” he said.”

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Wealth Management

December 4, 2020

$3.75 Billion Team Creates RIA – “Steve, Larry and I have worked together since 1999 and opened our first office back in 2002. Mayflower Advisors has always been rooted in relationships,” said Managing Partner Lloyd Glazer. “We view this Mayflower team and our three generations of clients as family, and it’s a privilege to help our clients meet their long-term goals—in both good times and challenging ones like we’ve seen this past year.”

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Financial Planning Magazine

December 3, 2020

$3.7B Team Opens RIA – “This business is really about understanding what clients want,” Larry says. “What we’ve seen over the years is that there are these big egos in the industry who think they have all the answers. Our clients want someone who’s going to listen to them. Financial planning is no longer a value proposition in this industry. You’ve got to do more for clients.”

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CityWire RIA

December 2, 2020

$3.75bn Team Sets up Independent RIA – “We’ve seen a seismic shift going on towards greater independence. Clients really are demanding more transparency, more services,” said Mayflower Advisors managing partner Larry Glazer. “Only by starting our own RIA and truly being independent can we really address all of those needs and concerns to better serve the clients.”

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15-Year Anniversary & RIA Launch

December 2, 2020

Mayflower Advisors Celebrates 15-Year Milestone With Recent Independent RIA Launch – Mayflower Advisors, a boutique investment and financial advisory practice with $3.75 billion in assets under management, is proud to celebrate 15 years of partnership and collaboration—marking the milestone as a recently launched independent registered investment advisor. This strategic shift to a fiduciary approach affirms Mayflower Advisors’ autonomy and positions the firm to best meet clients’ evolving financial needs with a flexible, scalable infrastructure and custom planning solutions. Built on a solid foundation of experience, independence and innovation, co-founders and managing partners Lawrence Glazer, Steven Dimitriou and Lloyd Glazer lead the 35-person group.

Learn more about Mayflower’s client-centric, team-based service model; entrepreneurial culture and recent investment in upgraded technology infrastructure.

Fox Business

November 9, 2020

Stocks Soar on Vaccine Optimism – On November 9, 2020, Larry Glazer joined Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto to discuss the impact of a potential post-Coronavirus investment landscape. Glazer notes, “Investors need to start positioning portfolios for a post-pandemic investment strategy… It’s going to be a long and difficult winter for travel, transportation, small businesses, and restaurants. But on the other side of that, there’s at least a small glimmer of daylight: We can see light at the end of that tunnel.”

CBS Boston

November 9, 2020

Stocks Soar After Election News – On November 9, 2020, Steve Dimitriou joined CBS Boston’s Bill Shields to share his perspective on post-election stock market gains and potential future Wall Street reaction to Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden and a Republican-controlled Senate. Dimitriou notes, “What that actually means is that it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to get any major tax overhauls, for example, or major changes to regulations. The markets generally like that because they like the predictability of it.”

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Fox Business

October 29, 2020

"Word on Wall Street": Evaluating a Trump vs. Biden Win – Larry Glazer joined Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo to discuss potential election impact, capital gains and quarterly earnings. Glazer notes, “As we talk about the idea of additional stimulus under any administration into next year, that is probably going to be more targeted… towards small businesses. As a small business owner, we think that’s a good thing: It fosters innovation… That’s going to benefit Main Street, the cities, small businesses and the overall economy – not just in consumer spending but for more additional capital spending, giving us an overall multiplier effect.”


October 26, 2020

Glazer Talks Election Uncertainty's Market Impact – Larry Glazer joined CNBC to share his perspective on election uncertainty, market volatility, big-tech earnings and “defensive” stocks. Glazer comments, “Just ahead of Halloween, how ironic is it that we have a witches’ brew of volatility. The same factors that are bringing a 17-point spike in the Volatility Index could bring the best investment opportunities we’ve seen in the last six months.”

FT 401

October 22, 2020

Mayflower Advisors Recognized Among “Top Retirement Advisers” (FT 401) – For the sixth consecutive year, Managing Partner Steven Dimitriou and Mayflower’s defined contribution (DC) practice was included on Financial Times’ FT 401 list of the nation’s most widely respected retirement advisors, as determined by independent evaluation in seven broad factors: DC assets under management, growth in DC plans/assets, degree of specialization in the DC business, participation rate in DC plans advised, industry certification, experience and compliance record.

Click here to learn more about Mayflower’s FT 401 recognition.

Boston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®

October 5, 2020

Mayflower Advisors Recognized Among Boston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® – Mayflower Advisors was recognized among 2020's “Best and Brightest” list, which celebrates positive impact on local business, employee experience and the greater community. Jennifer Kluge, President and CEO of The Best and Brightest Programs, notes, “Through the first half of 2020, the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For® have demonstrated leadership and forward thinking as they pivoted their business and workforce through COVID-19.”


August 3, 2020

15th Anniversary of RPAY – This retrospective feature looks back on Mayflower’s growth since Managing Partner Steve Dimitriou’s 2009 recognition as PlanSponsor”Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year” (RPAY), noting the team’s steady growth from nine to 33 and more than doubling of retirement plans served—from 75 to 170.

Commenting on Mayflower’s RIA launch, Dimitriou explains, “We are making this move because we outgrew the Wells Fargo platform and felt we needed to be more independent, improve our technology significantly and be able to work on multiple custodial platforms.” Dimitriou emphasizes that Mayflower’s strategic operational shift enables the practice to offer 3(38)-level fiduciary investment management and additional participant-focused services. Click here to read more.

Fox Business

July 6, 2020

Glazer Discusses Buffet Energy Deal on Fox Business – Larry Glazer joined Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” to discuss Warren Buffett’s $10 billion Dominion Energy purchase deal. Glazer comments, “I think this is an opportunity for investors to broaden out the rally, find other opportunities. Value investing is as American… as apple pie and cookouts. It’s nice to see it coming back and it’s to see Buffett is sticking to his discipline as the market climbs the wall of worry and money gets put to work here.”


June 25, 2020

Glazer Discusses Financial Sector’s Role in ReboundCNBC tapped Larry Glazer’s insight and opinion in its “Power Lunch” market recap segment. Commenting on the financial sector’s role in the day’s market rebound, Glazer explains: “When you see a day like today and you see financials leading the market, that’s a good thing. The change in the Volcker Rule is not a reason to buy banks, but it is a catalyst for an unloved and a very cheap sector looking for leadership. The broadening of the market is incredibly Bullish. I am no cheerleader for large financial institutions in this country, but this is an opportunity for investors to take a hard look… I think we’re going to find opportunity here for investors.”

Press Release

April 3, 2020

Four Advisors From Mayflower Team Recognized – Lawrence Glazer, Philip Stathos, John Wilcox and Lowell Lyon were each recognized as Five Star Wealth Managers for 2020 by Five Star as featured in Boston Magazine. This is the eighth year for Glazer and seventh for Stathos to be named Five Star Wealth Managers; Wilcox and Lyon have been included four and two years, respectively.

Click here to learn more about Five Star Wealth Managers recognition.

Press Release

March 19, 2020

Retirement Plan Advisors Ranked Among Nation’s Top DC Teams – The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA), an affiliate organization of the American Retirement Association, included the retirement plan team from Mayflower Advisors on its national ranking of top defined contribution (DC) advisor teams for 2019. This is the third consecutive year that this DC advisory practice was recognized among the nation’s leading retirement plan advisor teams.

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March 5, 2020

“SEC Cracking Down on ‘Misleading’ Mutual-Fund Names” – This MarketWatch personal finance piece addresses the recent Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry into mutual fund names. The SEC notes, “Fund names are often the first piece of information investors see and they can have a significant impact on an investment decision.” Larry Glazer believes that marketing strategists often wield heavy influence. Instead, Glazer reminds investors to remain focused on fundamentals and long-term strategy: “We shouldn’t be investing in products based on exciting names. Your investments should be boring.”

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Press Release

March 10, 2020

Mayflower Celebrates History and Education – As a proud sponsor of The Mayflower’s ambitious restoration and steadfast commitment to education, Larry Glazer notes, “Mayflower Advisors salutes the courage, resilience and independence of The Mayflower’s passengers. It is an honor to sponsor Mayflower Sails 2020’s worthy mission to restore an American icon and educate generations to come.”

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Press Release

March 3, 2020

Glazer & Stathos Named Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisors – This is the third consecutive year both Larry Glazer, Managing Partner, and Phil Stathos, Partner, are included on Forbes’ ranking. Commenting on the recognition, Glazer notes, “It’s an honor for each of us to once again be recognized among such an accomplished group of financial advisors and a true privilege to continue to work to offer our clients goal-based, conflict-free guidance they can trust.”

Click here to learn more about Glazer and Stathos' Best-in-State Wealth Advisors recognition.

Fox Business

May 10, 2019

Tariff-Hike Implications – On Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business “Coast to Coast,” Larry Glazer shared his perspective on the “global implications of what we’re seeing today in Washington” in relation to tariff hikes on goods from China. Glazer believes business can “absorb the first 10% tariff hike” by cutting into profits, but notes that a 25% increase will likely push the burden onto consumers.