A Leader in Retirement Plan Advisory Services for Employers

Mayflower Advisors, LLC provides unbiased, full-service advisory services to corporate and non-profit retirement plans. We are committed to helping plan sponsors navigate an increasingly complex regulatory world and to helping participants succeed in today’s confusing and volatile investment environment. Our independent, employee-owned practice offers a culture of stability, accountability and teamwork. As a result, we focus on meeting the long-term needs of our clients with the following retirement plan consulting expertise:
  • Fiduciary Education and Support to help plan sponsors meet their obligations under ERISA
  • Serve as a ERISA 3(21) Fiduciary Advisor to help plan sponsors mitigate their liability
  • Plan Cost Analysis and Benchmarking to ensure competitiveness of fees
  • Investment Manager Evaluation and Search to ensure the plan has a competitive and optimal investment line-up
  • Vendor Search to ensure the plan has cost effective, technology proficient, administrative and record keeping services
  • Employee Education to help plan participants maximize retirement accumulations.
  • Single Point of Contact for all employees and HR investment and administrative questions
At Mayflower Advisors, we align ourselves with our clients’ needs and utilize our expertise, experience and industry scale to help ensure plan sponsors have an optimized retirement plan that is administratively streamlined, cost effective and compliant.