Retirement Plan Consulting


Jared Manville


Vice President, Senior Plan Consultant

For 25 years, Jared has guided clients through the constantly shifting landscape of the retirement industry. His vast experience and drive to develop innovative solutions has provided his clients the tools and support to offer their employees successful retirement programs. Regardless of the client’s size, he understands the pressures that private business owners, non-profit leaders, plan administrators and retirement plan sponsors are challenged with to provide retirement program benefits that work.

Prior to joining the firm, Jared was the Managing Director of the retirement division at Marsh & McLennan, where he was responsible for strategic oversight and management of the firm’s 400+ clients and over $5 billion in assets. He was also a Senior Retirement Plan Advisor and Partner at Cafaro Greenleaf Advisors where he specialized in fiduciary oversight, plan design, investment analysis, ERISA, DOL Policies and legislative changes. Jared is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and holds a FINRA Series 65 Investment Advisor Law license. Jared is also a proud member of the Retirement Advisor Council (RAC) and served as the Chairperson for the Standards & Ethics Committee for the Council, a nationally recognized organization of select Retirement & Financial Advisors unified to set the standards of retirement best practices across the country.

Based in Boston, Jared has been a New Englander since birth. He graduated from Hartwick College with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Political Science and Business. Jared has also been a professional skier through PSIA since 1999 and enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge of the sport to others.

Industry Leadership & Expertise

Member of the Retirement Advisor Council (RAC)
Chairperson for the Standards & Ethics Committee for the Council (Emeritus)
Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA)
Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®)
Certified Health Savings Adviser® (CHSA®)
Investment Advisory Representative (IAR)
FINRA Series 65 Investment Law License


Jared’s approach is one of strategic guidance that ensures proper fiduciary oversight, advocacy, optimal performance, and measured cost. His understanding and sensitivity to varying client demographics creates a unique program of building and supporting customized employee communications that are dynamic and paramount to his service commitment.

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